Here are few of our tracks played in competitions and shows.
Thank you for choosing and believing on our tracks.
Track names located right-below the video.

"Bocca Sambando" (Samba) | WataRhythm Album

Rebelado "Come On Let's Go!" (Samba) | The Latin Club - DSR

The Trumpet Challenge (Samba) | Latin In My Heart - NDMI

Day Oh (Samba) | Latin In My Heart - NDMI

"Samba Lagoa" (Samba) | WataRhythm Album

" Carlo Teachin Track "Let's Count" (Samba) | NDMI - Latin Feelings
"WataRhythm" (Samba) | WataRhythm Album
"Afro Bongo" (Samba) | WataRhythm Album

"Samba Lagoa" (Samba)

La Percussion (Samba)

Boom Boom (Samba)

And I Love You So (Rumba)

El Gritar (Samba)

Boom Boom (Samba)

Wrecking Ball (Rumba) ft. Hugo Braham

How Deep Is Your Love (Rumba)
Forgiven (Rumba)

Read All About It (Rumba)
Out Of Reach (Rumba)
Titanium (Rumba)
La La La (Rumba)

Run The Night (ChaCha)

Back In My Life (ChaCha) ft. DjPaki Balera

Hey Leroy! (Samba)

Wrecking Ball (Rumba) ft. Hugo Braham

All For Love (Rumba)

Wake Me Up (Rumba)
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