Campeonato De España 2015

Dancesport Watazu sore high again on the most most recent prestigious event: Spanish Latin Championships 2015. Watazu presents, CAMPEONATO DE ESPAÑA LATINOS - chosen and played tracks from the event which is at no cost to you. You got it, it's for free. The album features one of the best Spanish DJ, Dj Albert


Watazu VS Caliente Papa - Was A Rolling Stone (31bpm)

Watazu VS Chocquibtown ft. Luis-Enrique Puro Mani (31bpm)

Watazu VS Tito Puente - Fat Mama (31bpm)

Watazu Ft. Dj Albert - Rickye Kee (31bpm)


Dj Albert VS Elvis Presley - Spankox Dont Be Cruel (43bpm) | Watazu Edit

Dj Albert VS The Beatles - Back In The USSR (42bpm) | Watazu Edit

Dj Albert VS Number One - Every Body Needs Somebody To Love (42bpm) | Watazu Edit

Dj Albert VS Number One - Whole Lotta Shakin Going On (42bpm) | Watazu Edit

Dj Albert VS Number One Summertime Blues (42bpm) | Watazu Edit

Watazu VS Sara Evans Run Rudolph Run (42bpm)


Dj Albert VS David Saylor - Siempre (25bpm) | Watazu Edit

Watazu VS Gian Marco - Mujer (25bpm)

Dj Albert VS José Feliciano - Volveré Alguna Vez (25bpm) | Watazu Edit

Watazu ft Dj Albert VS Pipa Guitar - Besame Mucho (25bpm)

Watazu - Too Much Heaven (25bpm)


Dj Albert VS The Dining Rooms ft. Toco Cobra Coral - The Juju Orchestra (51bpm) | Watazu Edit

Watazu ft. Dj Albert - Samba Reggae (51bpm)

Dj Albert - Spártaco Part. Bruninho e Davi - Empurra Whisky Nela (51bpm) | Watazu Edit

Dj Albert VS Wes Samba - Stayin Alive (52bpm) | Watazu Edit


Watazu VS Espana Cani (60bpm) (Reprise)
Watazu VS Espana Cani (60bpm) (Full Version)

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Tracks were edited to correct Tempo (BPM) required for competition event/s. All contents, copyrights and ownership goes to the original Artists and producers.
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