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Lonely Feeling (ChaCha)

Lonely Feeling by Vaya Con Dios in ChaCha Style.

Vaya Con Dios (Spanish for "Go with God!") was a Belgian music act, that stood out for its mixing of styles, as well as the distinctive voice of its lead singer Dani Klein. It was one of the most successful Belgian music acts ever, having sold more than 7 million albums and more than 3 million singles. It was founded in 1986, but after 1991 Vaya Con Dios was for the most part a one woman band, centered on singer, lyricist, band leader and (co-)producer Dani Klein, reinforced by an ever-changing selection of musicians. In 2014, Dani Klein performed her last international tour under the Vaya Con Dios formula. Vaya Con Dios officially disbanded with their last concert on 25 October 2014, in Forest National.

Turning out the mood, watch how a very rhythmical chacha latin actions done by Kirill Belorukov & Elvira Skrylnikova.

Original track in 31BPM. TO download the track, simple click the button below or the album cover. Leave …

Perfect (Instrumental) | Viennese Waltz

We received an overwhelming request of Ed Sheerans "Perfect". The song Perfect was included on his third studio album (2017). After the release, it charted at number 4 on the UK Singles Chart, despite not being an official single at the time. On 21 August 2017, Billboard announced that "Perfect" will be the fourth single from the album. The song impacted pop radio on 26 September 2017, as the third single from the album in the United States (fourth overall). The song peaked at number one in Belgium (Flanders) and Lithuania and it has reached the top ten in 13 countries including Australia, Philippines, Sweden and United Kingdom.

It's a semi-orchestra instrumental version. You can download the full track for Free in Facebook very soon, we would appreciate if you can leave a thumbs up or share this post. Enjoy!!!

And here's how we do it

#BabyShark craze in Dancesport Music?

We were nominated for #BabySharkChallenge craze in Dancesport Music? Why not! Baby Shark Dance is a nursery song about a family of sharks that started the craze in Indonesia getting 200 Million views and still counting.

Now, Watch these two kiddos do the #BabyShark chacha way. Watch how they execute the 2's and 4 and 1's action with strong and accented steps with our ChaCha remix.

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Videos with written permission and approval from Dancesport.Ru.
Original Track on 31 BPM.