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To Brazil (Samba House Music) | Watazu Remix

Sharing you my favorite dance back on the 90's. Vengaboys "To Brazil" reprise/remixed into Samba House music.
Let me know what you think!
in the meantime, listen, download, share and enjoy!!!

The Transference (Tango)

X-men Apocalypse is truly an astonishing movie to watch this year. Watch these two interpret how to move in a tango way. Not your usual Tango music!

Music : "The Transference (Tango)" original XMEN Apocalypse Motion Picture Soundtrack by John Ottman | re-arranged and remixed by Watazu
Dancers : Benedetto Ferrugia & Claudia Koehler
Video: Uploaded and Shared by Dancesport.RU

Your Love (Rumba)

Watch these two interpret an OPM to Latin Dancesport style. Soundtrack from Dolce Amore

Music : "Your Love (Rumba)" | Watazu ft. Juris (Dolce Amore Soundtrack)
Dancers : Kirill Voronin & Tatiana Kosenko
Video : Uploaded and Shared by Dancesport.RU

Slave To The Rhythm (Samba)

I've been listening to Brazilian Samba lately and here's what we came up..
Watch these two lovely couple doing samba body rhythmic actions...

Music: "Slave To The Rhythm (Samba)" | Watazu Originals
Dancers: Umberto Gaudino & Louise Heise (DEN)
Video: Uploaded and Shared by WDSF | DancesportTotal
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