#BabyShark craze in Dancesport Music?

We were nominated for #BabySharkChallenge craze in Dancesport Music? Why not!
Baby Shark Dance is a nursery song about a family of sharks that started the craze in Indonesia getting 200 Million views and still counting.

Now, Watch these two kiddos do the #BabyShark chacha way. Watch how they execute the 2's and 4 and 1's action with strong and accented steps with ChaCha remix.

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Rebelado "Let's Go" (Samba)

This is way too awesome!!! Watch how these dancers interpret our samba track Rebelado "Let's Go" (Samba) in the most recent CROATIAN OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2017 held on 23-24th of September 2017.
All music were exclusively sponsored by Dancesport Records - producing the hottest and the best hits for dancesport music.

Which version you liked most? Let us know on the comment field below. You can download this track exclusively here! Simply click the link or the button. Enjoy!

Watazu now on

Watazu now on Sellfy - allows creators of ebooks, comics, design assets, music, video or any type of digital file - to sell their good by opening a beautiful storefront. You can download and purchase some of our tracks exclusively!!!

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Secret love song for your Rumba competition, practice and show. Listen and download the competition edit exclusively here!

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Watazu finally on Shazam

We recently receive notification that we are now officially on Shazam - a mobile app that recognises music and TV around you. It is the best way to discover, explore and share the music and TV you love. Shazam connects more than 1 billion people... It's an amazing app, available now in the Apple and Android stores. And always looking for new and innovative ways to delight users to any music genre out there!

Rebelado "Let's Go" (Samba | 50bpm)
Know Yourself (Rumba | 25bpm)

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DWOR is officially back!

Finally, DWOR is officially back playing your favorite Dancesport Music on your Saturday night. The program runs for an hour of hottest and the best dancesport music. Widely features anything about Dancesport. From tracks to dances you name it! Should you want your event featured on the program feel free to visit their online blog.

Live program available on their YouTube channel with replay posted on their Mixcloud account.

Empire State Of Mind (Samba) | Latin Always

Another stunning samba music for your practice and competition. Empire State of Mind popularized by Alicia Keys in Samba | 50bpm. This time, It's not just about rhythm, let's show those samba bouncing action! Watch these two professional dancers execute it well.

You can find and download this track, simply click the button or the image below. In the meantime, enjoy the track so let's dance!!!

Music : "Empire State Of Mind (Samba)"
Dancers : Nino Langela & Andra Vaidilaite

Ballare International 2017

Watazu goes to Singapore! Presenting one of the prestigious and grandest dancesport competition in Asia..Ballare International Championship is a prestigious ballroom competition organized by Melvyn Low Dance Studio Globally renowned for its top notch organization and quality adjudicators. Some of the world's best dancers including Warren Boyce, Alessio Potenziani have competed in it, while it's top judges include Jerry Abrate, Luca Tonello, Caterin Arzenton & Alessia Betti.

For more information of the event, feel free to visit and contact them through their website:
Let me be the first person to welcome you. See you there!

NDMI - Latin Always (Watazu)

FInaly the album is officially on!!!
NDMI with Watazu Presenting Latin Always - exciting new latin covers four latin dances, the samba is the star, as the album starts off with eleven smokin' hot sambas! The selection of tracks is also nicely balanced between instrumental and vocal tracks.
24 awesome latin tracks for your practice, show and dance competition music. We contributed total of #11 tracks just for you!!

► Shaky Shaky (Samba)

► Cashionda Cansion (Samba) | Horny Horny Jazz Samba Edit

► Empire State Of Mind (Samba)

► Rebelado - Let's Go (Samba) | Watazu Originals
You can also download this track exclusively here

► Certail Law (Samba)

► Hey Mama (Samba) | Smooth Jazz All-Star

► Berimbau Em Samba (Samba) | Watazu Originals

► Nitty Gritty (ChaCha)

► Fields Of GOld (Rumba)

► Hello - French Version (Rumba)

► Say You Won't Let Go (Rumba) | Watazu ft. Dylan

You can download the whole track to your nearest CD Store or digital distributions down below. Lety us know which s…

Any Samba Title you can think of?

It's been a while since we created/composed a samba track.
Needing your assistance.
Think of any Samba title for this track, you can put your idea on the comment field below.
Once chosen, You'll have the HD full track for Free!! yes, at no cost to you..
Ready? Here we go!!

any Samba Title you think of? Comment below!!!
Chosen Title got the HD track ☺☺
#dancesportWatazu #Watazu #SambaPosted by Watazu on Sunday, August 20, 2017

The track is mostly Timbale instrument. Yell vocal was used as a transition to the next part of the song.
Drums are evidently heard as it gives the soul for the beat. should you need to think of title for this track I recommend to base it on the root of the song..ENJOY!!!

Beautiful Life (Rumba)

What if Korean Drama soundtrack was made to Rumba?
Goblin OST in Rumba style
Which version do you like?

Track: Crush | Beautiful Life | OST

Track: Daryl Ong Cover | Beautiful Life

Freaks (Samba)

Freak-ing Wednesday Samba... Listen and Enjoy!
#TimmyTrumpets Remix #DancesportWatazu #Watazu
Track: FREAKS (Samba) | Watazu Ft Timmy Trumpets | 51bpm

What do you think about it? Feel Free to share and Enjoy!!!


Watazu Live | Playing again on your Saturday night!!!

Watazu playing live again..
Dancesport Watazu Online Radio - playing the hottest hits for dancesport Music
Playing live on your Saturday night!!

Song From A Secret Garden

I love this song a lot! Instead, we'll rearranged them..
Song from a Secret Garden for your RUmba Showdance. Let me know what you think by commenting on the box down below..
Download the track by clicking the Download Botton or click here.

More dancesport music here:

It's Summer Time

Yes! It's summer time and let's listen to few of our remix this season.
Let's watch these two do the rumba way.

Music : "Say You Won't Let Go (Rumba)"
Dancers : Pasha Pashkov & Daniella Karagach

And i forgot, here's your free download this season ☺☺☺
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Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year dancesport enthusiast!!
Let's start 2017 with a bang!!!
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Finally we're so back!!!
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Bunx Up (Samba)

Miss these two dancing again? Let's watch them one more time.
Looking forward watching these two on the dance-floor again...
Music track "Bunx Up (Samba)" on NDMI very soon

Music : "Bunx Up (Samba)"
Dancers : Andrey Kiselev & Anastasia Kiseleva

Pre-Order this track? contact us here:

Love Yourself (Waltz)

Here's our original arrangement of Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself". Watch these two interpret and execute the Waltz. You can Download this track? Soon!

Music : Love Yourself (Waltz) | Original Justin Beiber track
Dancers : Francesco Galuppo & Debora Pacini

Trumpets (Samba)

Due to high demand of this track, we've been nominated for a #TrumpetsChallenge from one of our friend in Facebook. And here's our response..
#Watazu #DancesportWatazu #NDMIAlbum #TrumpetsChallenge

Music : "Trumpets (Samba)"
Dancers : Marius Andrei Balan‬ ‪& Kristina Moshenskaya‬

To Brazil (Samba House Music) | Watazu Remix

Sharing you my favorite dance back on the 90's. Vengaboys "To Brazil" reprise/remixed into Samba House music.
Let me know what you think!
in the meantime, listen, download, share and enjoy!!!

The Transference (Tango)

X-men Apocalypse is truly an astonishing movie to watch this year. Watch these two interpret how to move in a tango way. Not your usual Tango music!

Music : "The Transference (Tango)" original XMEN Apocalypse Motion Picture Soundtrack by John Ottman | re-arranged and remixed by Watazu
Dancers : Benedetto Ferrugia & Claudia Koehler
Video: Uploaded and Shared by Dancesport.RU

Your Love (Rumba)

Watch these two interpret an OPM to Latin Dancesport style. Soundtrack from Dolce Amore

You can Download this track ? Soon!

Music : "Your Love (Rumba)" | Watazu ft. Juris (Dolce Amore Soundtrack)
Dancers : Kirill Voronin & Tatiana Kosenko
Video : Uploaded and Shared by Dancesport.RU

Slave To The Rhythm (Samba)

I've been listening to Brazilian Samba lately and here's what we came up..
Watch these two lovely couple doing samba body rhythmic actions...

You can Download this track ? Soon!

Music: "Slave To The Rhythm (Samba)" | Watazu Originals
Dancers: Umberto Gaudino & Louise Heise (DEN)
Video: Uploaded and Shared by WDSF | DancesportTotal

Which Latin Dance You Liked Most?

I've been asked lately to "Which Latin Dances I liked most?
(Samba, Cha Cha, Rumba, Paso or Jive) Here's what I have to say.

I consider these 5 dances as "Dances of Love" or should I say - It's like a relationship. Here are reasons why…
Relationships always start with a:

Samba - Where the woman is undecided, man chases the woman asking the word they've been wanting to hear. The magic word of "Yes". It is evident in every following and chasing actions during the dance.

Chacha - Where a Woman is undecided if she can say "Yes" or "No". Notice the forward and backward movement made by couples doing a basic step.

In some cases, Cha Cha is danced first. Like in a relationship - asking yourself “Should I go for it, or not?”
Then Samba when you join hands and realize you're showing the world you love each other. It is evident in a parade type of presentations where you roam-around on a counter-clockwise movement.